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Why customer feedback matters

  1. Better sell to prospects based on customer feedback insights by discovering what’s important to them and areas to improve their experience if you were to do it all over again.
  2. Build your positive reputation by listening to your customers and responding to them.
  3. Capture customer insights, evaluate, then evaluate in the appropriate part of your business
  4. Communicate more effectively with your customers by knowing more about who they are and sending messaging that’s relevant
  5. Continuously improve your service to take market share from your competition
  6. Find opportunities to better serve your customers by offering relevant products (cross-sell, upsell)
  7. Get content ideas
  8. Hone your marketing messaging to the different audiences that buy from you
  9. Identify unhappy (at-risk) customers to reduce churn and increase retention
  10. Identify unhappy customers, be accountable/responsive and makegood when things go wrong. This helps de-escalate unhappy customers from blasting you. Listen, be empathetic, take ownership and accountability.
  11. Identify your 80/20 customers, the VIP’s you need to take special care of
  12. Improve your website assets
  13. Increase your customer lifetime value
  14. Make your customers feel important, listened to
  15. Measure if you’re exceeding customer expecations
  16. Prioritize business decisions based on customer feedback
  17. Reduce your cost per lead
  18. Segment your customers and then act accordingly
  19. Segment your customers, find your VIP’s vs. detractors to leverage in your messaging
  20. Turn customer feedback into reviews, testimonials and influence buyers when they are in purchase mode
  21. Turn positive feedback into positive reviews
  22. Understand where your business stands with your customer
  23. Use customer insights to develop experiments (a/b tests) for products, marketing campaigns, etc.
  24. What kind of marketing campaigns? How are they more effective? (lookalikes, retargeting)
  25. How do you improve your product or service? What do you get from doing this? What’s the process?
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