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Nefer Lopez

Nefer Lopez

Nefer Lopez is a curious human, borderline obsessed with travel, and owner of a 100% remote Search Marketing agency, Radical Red Rocket.

My Best Friend Fired Me

My best friend fired me in a city I just moved to and I had to find another job, FAST!

I was living in San Francisco and enjoying life as a bright-eyed guy in my twenties, but there was a void in my life I couldn’t skake off. It turns out I wasn’t into my job. I appreciated that it paid the bills and have the opportunity to meet great people, but I knew I had to change something. I wanted a job that was more fulfilling, with purpose, and an chance to make a positive, direct impact. I knew there was another way.

A few years into my desk job in SF, my friend gives me a call (yep, the one that fired me) and he tells me he’s hiring a sales team in Boston for a promising hyper-local news company with lots of funding. He ends the call by telling me I have the job if I want it.

I thought about it for a week and said, fuck it. I knew in my heart I had to change something.

I put in my notice at work and my apartment, and got the rest of my things in order to make the move to Boston.

I start my new sales job and find out I absolutely HATE it. I couldn’t stomach the idea that I moved across the country and gave up what I had in SF for a job I dreaded going to EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

The job was selling banner ads on a hyper local site that didn’t do shit for businesses that truly need the help to stay in business. I felt like I was selling snake oil. I didn’t hit my monthly sales quota once. Not ONCE! So my friend (aka my boss) had to put me on a “plan” like everyone else that didn’t hit quota and inevitably fired me from his team.

I had 30 days to find another position I wouldn’t hate.

And then the stars aligned.

Stumbling Across my Superpower

I stumbled across a Paid Search software company hiring account managers. I didn’t know anything about Search Marketing, but they gave me a shot and my digital marketing journey took off from there.

I discovered how to leverage tech to get more customers for businesses in a real way. That was just the beginning of figuring out

What This Means for You

Why am I pumped about sharing my digital marketing journey with you?

  • Because you can work remote from just about anywhere with an internet connection.
  • The main barrier to entry is your desire to learn.
  • They are valuable skills that can help you get a high-paying job (if that’s what you’re into).
  • You can apply the fundamentals to fuel your own business growth.

When I left San Francisco to start the shitty sales job in Boston, I could not have formed the inkling of an idea that I would have ended up taking a path in digital marketing that would change my life forever.

I hope it can do the same for you, too.


Learn the skills to work from anywhere in the world as a Paid Search marketer.

I’m working on an email course to share what I know. It’s not ready yet, but it’s there if you want to sign up.

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